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Biro sketches from latitude! It was pretty fun and the location is super beautiful, but I recently had a foot operation so I had to sit down most of the time… hence the drawings.

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IMG_9071 | Guangzhou, China 
June 2014


In Seattle, there’s an elevated section of highway jutting out of SR 520, left over from a connector that was never completed. 

Over the years, Seattle residents have covered it in graffiti and transformed it into a dance floor, skateboard park, a swimming hole, and a kayaking course. Lovers have even been married under it. 

Now the city is scheduling the removal of the ramp. In tribute, a group of architects and designers have coated it with curved acrylic that will stay with the structure until its end.

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Kenji Alucky (b. 1989, Hokkaido, Japan) - Black Ink Tattoos

I just got back from latitude festival and i think i can say that has been one of the best weekends of my life. Damon Albarn, Conor Oberst, Tame Impala and the Black Keys were all really really so amazing and it was such a cute place and the little stages in the woods. And the poetry tent was also really cool?? Scroobius Pip was there if you don’t know who he is you should check him out. Damon Albarns’ performance was so good it thundered and we were all drenched in rain and dancing and singing and the we all played with smoky bubbles and foam afterwards

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